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WeWork is a global workspace platform. They design, build and operate flexible workspaces.
WeWork is expanding it’s market to Enterprise level corporations.
They are seeking an agency to build trust, awareness, and an understanding of the WeWork value proposition specifically as it relates to Enterprise.
In the male dominated tech industry… freelancers, startups and small  businesses have dominated WeWork. The flexible rates and ability to scale, suited these ventures perfectly (not to mention the unlimited FREE BEER)
However this has fostered a reputation of a less inclusive bro-culture, alienating larger more serious businesses, women, and other groups.
Randy is a Corporate Head of Real Estate whose primary focus is mitigating risk and keeping overhead cost down.
He is totally fine with status quo and finds change quite painful. He’s seen WeWork in the news a lot and doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about—to him, it sounds like free beer and drum circles. He needs his space to look, feel, and act like his company, not someone else’s.
Randy wants to be respected and admired. He’s seen by many of his colleagues as square and stuffy—someone who is risk averse and buried in spreadsheets. He feels cornered by the changing landscape of Real Estate and just wants a chance to be a hero and prove his worth. He feels powerless and undervalued.
–Client provided
How can we help Randy feel like a hero?

How can we help him understand that his space can be a value driver, not a cost center?

How can we show him that WeWork is for him?
Headline Capture
This is a captured collection of H1 and H2 headlines currently live on WeWork Enterprise and Powered by We websites.
“Space for Big Business”

“When you connect space and people, you can transform your business”

“We design, build, and operate workspace all over the world”

“Make Flexible Moves”

“Design Smarter Spaces”

“Engage Your People”

“You can flex in and out with ease, get down to business fast, and optimize your investment”

“Make your workspace smarter and more effective over time”

“Workspaces designed to bring out the best in your people”

“Solutions Designed for You”

“Workspace solutions that fit all your demands”
Powered by We
“Your space, your people, empowered”

“Your workspace reimagined to connect your people, support your culture, and grow your business.”

“We build and operate, you innovate and thrive”

“We design, build, and operate the optimal environment for your people.”

“Workspace that works for you”

“We can bring your vision to life”

“Growth in all directions”

“We improve productivity, innovation, and recruiting”

“Our experts have your back”

“Our in-house team helps make your workplace vision a reality”
Discovery Cont.
Promo Video Transcript
Another key reference point was the WeWork Enterprise video pitch. Extracting messages and keywords from this video was helpful in showing how the message of Enterprise was currently being offered.  
The way we are living and working is changing.

People are more mobile, more flexible,and wanna work in environments everyday that allow them to thrive personally and professionally.

The future of work is understanding the power of connecting space and people.

WeWork can design, build, and operate your perfect workspace.

One that expresses your culture and vision and empowers your team.

Think of a workplace experiece designed for all the ways your team works best,from deep focus to creative collaboration, driving the face-to-face connections, that result in stronger work.

Think about a workplace that’s flexible that is actually enabling your company to grow and scale when you need more space.Imagine a workplace that operates like an operating system, constantly evolving with you, so your team can work smarter and happier.

More businesses are becoming part of the WeWork ecosysytem, whether it’s through new, custom HQ, satellite offices, or through our global access membership that let’s you work from any of our locations in the biggest cities in the world.

We should consider real estate decisions as being more than just about square feet.

We should think about them as decisions that can unlock your teams potential.Connecting space and people can change your company’s world.

So your team can change the world.
Discovery Cont.
“It’s about the people”
“It’s not about the company or the business, you should stop saying that–it’s about the people. Selling me on helping my company comes across like a sales pitch for a small-business or startup.    

It’s about my team, my people. It’s about the 300 people that come into work everyday and do their best. I want to do right by them.
Vice President, Head of Database
Fidelity Investments
(My older brother)
What are your workspace needs?
“modern and contusive to working
out loud”
“enabling improvisational work, unstructured”
Desired Emotional Arc
Your Department
Does your department lean toward a structure of heirarchy or does it focus more on a flattened structure of teams?
Jim— More hierarchy, moving rapidly to agile teams
What are the forseeable challenges your department will face as it grows?
Jim— More agile delivery, smaller teams, expense control
Does your department utilize a contingent workforce, would you say that trend is growing or worth pursuing?
Jim— Yes, I wouldn’t say it’s growing or shrinking
Your Workspace
How would you describe your corporate workspace?
Jim— Modern, but still aligned to a classic ‘cubicle’ style with some enhanced spaces for collaboration
How would you improve the workspace for yourself?
Jim— Nimble reconfiguration of space for agile team redesign
What would you change in your workspace to enhance job satisfaction and productivity of your team?
Jim— A mechanism to enable people to have online meetings while not creating an overly noisy environment
What can you tell me about the WeWork value proposition?
Jim— Flex space for businesses to have offices in desired locations without the real estate capital outlay
What is your perception of WeWork?
Jim— Hipster / millennial office environments
Keyword Extraction
✔ Introduction of WeWork into conversation
✔ Brand reinforcement (WeWork)
✔ Introduction of workspace and what gets done in a workspace into conversation
✔ Brand reinforcement (WeWork)
✔ Strong and direct action word
✔ Brand reinforcement (Powered by We + WeWork)
✔ Introduction of target market to conversation
✔ Key takeaway from persona study  
✔ Key takeaway from persona study  
Some things just write themselves.
We power
the work,
that powers
your people.
We power
the work,
that powers
your people.
Slogan Details
This new slogan speaks with confidence for both WeWork and WeWork’s target client. It also repeatedly reinforces the WeWork’s brand.
Sales Team collateral.
Some things need to be written.
In this case, it would be a supplement a chapter to the brand guides specific for Enterprise Level Clients.
New Brand Guide
Make them part of the process.
Space would be a desktop and mobile friendly application that would engage client leads to configure their ideal workspace.
Using a simple interface, Users will be able to drag and drop furnishings, fixtures and features into their layout. Space will assist along the way making suggestions and anticipating the needs for each workspace.
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