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New Classrooms released its report, “The Iceberg Problem: How Assessment and Accountability Policies Cause Learning Gaps in Math to Persist Below the Surface…and What to Do About It.”

It examines the issue of unfinished learning in middle school math and proposes solutions to help kids get back on track. I designed this report as a downloadable paper as well as a hardcopy version with a supportive website.

Downloadable and Hardcopy Report
Sampling of the introduction to The Iceberg Problem Report
Sampling of the Key Insights offered in The Iceberg Problem Report
Figure 10 from The Iceberg Problem features the key infographic associated with the dilemma facing students today.
As a tool to market the report and track live presentations and news features, the website is simple and direct.
Fully responsive designs allow for ease and greatest use of the report on all devices.
Early sketches that led led to the metaphor of an iceberg and how it reflects the issue facing students and teachers.