Ship 'Em

Founder + Creative Director – Product + Strategy



This was a project I conceived in 2014. It presented itself while people watching in the streets of New York City. What started out as sketches in notepads, evolved to a prototype.

Mobile Dating App
This is a breakdown of the main interface a user would be presented with. It's main goal was to keep everything simple and focused, regardless of the app complexities and options.
A sampling of some of the core features with the app.
I drew custom illustrations to use in marketing material and guide users through the onboard process.
The Happy Anchor and wordmark. 
Both use a simple geometry that allows for easy readability and recognition at any size.
Sampling of interface components, including the iPhone app icon.
To quickly onboard developers and stakeholders, this quick strategy infographic aided in presenting the concept.
Composition of early sketches and concepts that found it's way into the prototype of Ship 'Em.