Product Designer - Creative Director



I worked alongside Nicole Winnaman (Founder of the branding and licensing company Winnaman & Associates, and Abra Potkin, former vp talent and strategy at Verizon Media with a background in development at ABC and CBS) with the ambitious goal to change the way people sell and shop.

As a team we designed a democratized and distributed marketplace platform that bridges the gap between brands and content creators by use of an integrated eCommerce brand directory called the Universal Merchant Engine.

I managed assets for multiple departments running concurrent urgent deliverables, including design, engineering, development, sales, marketing, creator, and brand teams.

The platform required that we develop two distinct management portals, one for creators and the other for brands. These portals controlled product ingestion and curation, publishing, marketplace customization, and analytics.

I created a marketplace “promotion tool” for creators that made their social network video posts shoppable and shareable, generated a QR code for IRL sharing, and distributed custom texts to their SMS follower list.

eCommerce Platform
Shoppable Video Player
Video Editor
Product Curator
Brand Directory
Creator Marketplace