Creative Director


NOWwith is revolutionizing how people shop by converting social video posts into fully shoppable experiences that are seamlessly distributed with limitless options for products and brands.


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Welcome to NOWwith
Shoppable video experiences featuring your favorite influencers, across all social platforms.
The custom designed "Player Layer" converted normal videos into a shoppable experience using an overlay. This allowed Social Creators to seamlessly curate both affiliate and dropship products into their videos.
Curation Tool for Creators. This empowered our creators to upload their videos and then tag their videos with curated products.
Admin Portals for both Creators and Brands delivering real-time data at your fingertips.
Custom responsive eCommerce flow from end-to-end that adapted to both affiliate and dropship products. The checkout included credit/debit, Paypal, and Apple Pay options.
Onboard system for Creators, brands, retailers, and consumers, with specific inputs required to efficiently gain access and establish themselves on our platform and admin.
Instagram posts direction and brand exploration.
I'm an above average pixel cowboy that spends my days (and some nights) corralling tiny digital squares on a screen into visual wonderment...
or at the very least, a darn good brand, website, mobile app, or product.

If you have something challenging and need it sorted, shoot me a text. 732-773-5662