Co-Founder & Art Director


Opinionated is a binary opinion based app that would allow users to ask opinions from other users within the app resulting in instantaneous results. These results gained roughly 50 responses within the first several minutes and each response could be engaged into a 1:1 chat.


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A fun application that helps users get quick helpful answers to everyday questions.
The ask screens had three major question types to choose from. A simple binary question, a comparison question, or a long form question.
The results screen would give users a response ratio, which also resulted in the ability to chat with the responders 1:1.
Strategy infographic to be used in pitch presentations.
The goal of this new version of Opinionated was to simplify everything down as much as possible. This endeavor was presented using rudimentary shapes in screen patterns as reference.
The logo was revamped to encompass the new brand using the Nifty's, or the small "pie shapes" that act as both marketing messengers as well as customized question voting selectors.
Simple concept drawings of the newest version of the Opinionated app.
I'm a full-time pixel bully.

I've been getting those little bastards to do what i want (usually to make pretty little digital things) for the past 20 years.

I've helped produce everything from websites and apps to multi-platform product redesigns and brand languages. I've lead teams of designers and copy writers and collaborated daily with tech and project stakeholders. I'm a ramen addict and prefer my "first loves" (Miiler Lite & PBR) over anything fancy and crafty. If you have something challenging and need it sorted, let's chat.